Block Paving Sealer & Concrete Sealer Products for Driveways & Patios

Block Paving Sealer

Block paving like any paving type needs a little maintenance to keep up it's appearance, and the onset of weed growth, moss or algae and even oil stains can have a massive impact on the appearance of your block paved patio or driveway. Oil stains can be impossible to remove to it's important to use block paving sealer to seal your driveway and prevent these negative effects.

Sealing Your Block Paved Driveway Will:

Our range of block paving sealers comply with ISO 9002 for quality assurance and we also offer a full training DVD to get you up to speed with the process and we even offer complete DIY kits providing everything you need to seal your own block paved driveway or patio.

Our high quality sealer ensures a high quality finish and is a UV stable clear solution which penetrates the block surface to give a deep down sealing effect. Best of all it can be ready to drive on after just 6 hours at 20 degrees celcius.

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Block Paving Sealer